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Online Scam Casinos To Avoid

Latest! Online scam casinos warning!!

LATEST! FAKE NETENT AND NOVOMATIC SOFTWARE AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!! No! it isn’t ‘arse’ casino but it should be. AVOID ARESCASINO SCAM SITE! Another to avoid GENTING88!

Smartlive Casino, Poker, Baccarat etc. have had their license suspended by the UKGC – click to see.

All outstanding balances must be repaid to UK customers immediately so it looks like a permanent suspension.  Smartlive have had numerous complaints over no-pay/slow-pay prior to this but they are still licensed by the flaccid Maltese Gaming Authority. ADVICE: If you can still play under their Malta License as you live outside the UK – DON’T!

BetSocial/TotalESoft More online scam casinos: BetSocial and/or TotalESoft are withholding player payments and thereby confiscating monies that were owed to players. AVOID!!

Affpower online scam casinos include: cosmikcasino (now going under the name ‘cashpot casino’), atlanticclub casino.

Affpower online scam casinos also: Euromooncasino, deuceclub, osiriscasino. Parklanecasino, oceanbets, magikcasino. Crazycasinoclub, slots500, ramsesgold. Casinobordeaux, casinotriomphe. Scam affiliate programs: casinopartners365, aff247.

online scam casinos


Online scam casinos are the inevitable result of an online casino industry whereby money changes hands remotely. Obviously the sites I have on are all checked by myself, with UKGC licenses and are 100% safe as well as being fast paying casinos. But how do you know if a site is a scam, fake or criminal in intent?

You can always type the casino into Google with the word ‘issues’ or ‘scam’ after it and see what you uncover. This only has limited success, as firstly the casino may be OK but being slandered by a disgruntled player or player who has broken their terms and secondly, the online scam casinos may be new and have little history to be picked up.

What sort of scams are there?

There are a few consistent ones. Fake or pirated software/games. The scammers will purchase an off-the-shelf online scam casinos html template, often designed in the the far East as you can tell by the bad English and multiple grammatical or spelling errors. This may even be stolen html plagiarized from a legitimate site and adapted slightly.

Unfortunately Novomatic and Netent have been victims of software theft where criminals have reverse engineered their games or hacked the software and simply stuck their own cheap graphics on it. As it’s hacked you have no guarantee the TRTP hasn’t been manipulated to ensure you lose, plus it runs badly. This is what the scam casinos offer usually.

The scam casinos haven’t had to bother with renting the legitimate software or paying to design a site. For a few hundred bucks they can set all this up to take YOUR cash. They often hack into unrelated business sites in order to sneak links into them, thus cheating their way up the Google SE rankings. There are no depths they won’t sink to. 

How can I tell if a casino is safe?

It’s quite easy if you’re not too eager to get playing and exercise due diligence. (When you have read this, check out my video below where I expose the scam casino Betowen). Firstly, licensing. The scam casinos will post fake licensing seals and/or numbers at the bottom. The one in my video actually moves you back to the top of the page, trying to divert you from further checking! The legitimate licensing bodies like UK, Gibraltar, Malta, IoM, Alderney, Kahnawake, New Jersey or Curacao (weak) will have online search facilities to check if the casino is licensed with them. If it isn’t, leave. If the casino claims to have a ‘Costa Rica gaming license’ it’s bullshit. CR do not issue gambling licenses, merely business ones.

You can check the business number especially if in the UK. The casino should display its company number or number of the company holding its license. Again, you can see in the video below how easy it is to search for it and check it out. In the video you’ll see Betowen are using the details of a legitimate UKGC licensed casino group. This is to satisfy you if you check but the legitimate casino (in this case Smartlive) whose details they’ve used have nothing to do with Betowen. You can tell this by putting Smartlive into the UKGC licensee search. They have no domain or url under their license in the Betowen name.

So shonky software, fake seals, license numbers and fake business numbers along with bad spelling and grammar should be enough to tell you something is amiss.

What do I do if I deposited there and can’t get my winnings, or lose after depositing?

Very little other than complain and report the matter on a big forum like Casinomeister. They can investigate. You can also report them to the payment processor they use. You can charge back deposits under your consumer rights if paying by debit or credit card. Usually this is never recommended as casinos share data on chargeback fraud and it would affect your future casino play. A scam casino though, once you’ve established it as such, would be very unlikely to be able to add you to any blacklist used by proper sites. They rely on most depositors losing, and if they win on not paying them. They have no overheads so are prepared for the minority of players who can be bothered to go through the process.

Casinos recently exposed offering fake software. Scum, as are anybody promoting them:

NEW! Avoid CasinoCashPalace – non-payment, Curacao license suspended (a flaccid license so to get a suspension the casino must be really bad!) telephone threats to players owed money and complaining. AVOID!

LATEST! Avoid Lapalingo – owners previously disappeared with players’ money at!

LATEST! Euromoon fake Netent games and no player refunds!

LATEST! Pamper Casino using fake unlicensed software and not paying players!


Affpower casinos:
**scam cosmikcasino now changed name to ‘cashpot’ casino’**

Be safe, enjoy your online slotting but ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK!


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