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About us:

Fastpayingcasinos is a website I designed after 7 years of online gambling (especially slotting!) experience. It is vital to have a properly-licensed casino that meets all of your needs, including good cash-out limits, open and clear bonus terms and above all a credible licensing jusrisdiction. In the case of fastpayingcasinos, all our sites offered have two main criteria:

  • UKGC Licensed
  • Pay winnings in a timely manner.

One of my frustrations as a player was the ridiculously unfair ‘pending periods’ or ‘reverse periods’ many casinos imposed upon players. Depending on my sources, I was told on good authority between 20 and 35% of pending withdrawals are reversed and spent back by winners. The philosophy is simple yet flawed – the ‘feelgood factor’ after a win and the player’s mindset. Say a player wins 1,000 from a 100 deposit then withdraws. They spend the next hours happy and high from the win and come some leisure time they see their withdrawal still sitting there. They then think along the lines of “I am 900 up and if you had told me earlier I’d have made 800 today, I’d be happy, so what’s the harm in reversing 100 and having another go?”

They usually lose this 100 and repeat the above logic, each time taking 100 off of the figure and justifying it because they’d still be ‘up’. Yep! Roll on the inevitable outcome, all winnings spunked back so they end up up 100 down overall and even worse, they then deposit again in frustration and anger, hoping to retrieve their original winning position. THIS IS THE PRECISE AND ONLY REASON THESE PENDING PERIODS EXIST! Don’t listen to any casino bullshit about ‘player convenience so they don’t need to deposit again’ or any other crap – they want that negative removed from their balance sheet by exploiting the feelgood factor!

The flaw is naturally obvious – a player paid fast is likely to return to play again on that basis and remain a player, rather than ‘rage exclude’ after losing their winnings back. You’ll see in the various casinos’ terms that ‘All deposits are final’ and maybe one day the licensing bodies will apply that term to withdrawals too – well, we can hope! Some bad casinos even e-mail you bonus incentives to reverse withdrawals and this is downright rogue behaviour so if you see it report it on a watchdog site like Casinomeister. It shouldn’t happen. Another tactic is preventing you from depositing again while a withdrawal is pending. This is because maybe you have say only 50 left in your payment method to play with and they owe you that 1,000 pending withdrawal in the above example. They’d rather you had that 1,000 back in your player balance rather than a lowly 50!

The casinos on here offer varying reversal times. On some you cannot reverse, on others a few hours or even minutes only. I consider fast-paying to be instant to 24 hours. I do have a section of casinos which pay in 24-48 hours and that is the absolute limit of my tolerance as a player, 2 working days isn’t great but not uncommon. If it’s in excess of 48 as standard then the casino won’t be on here. These figures are assuming you have already KYC’d (submitted and had documents approved if required to do so). If it’s your first withdrawal or the amount is over around 1800 they may ask regardless.

I have personally joined ALL the casinos listed here (or another in the same group under that license) and am satisfied of the veracity of the timescales I have provided. All of them have a decent 100% or more sign-up bonus and bar a couple are multiplatform sites with two or more major software providers. The software providers are listed with the information for each casino and some examples of the most popular slots they offer.

One last word from me – Good Luck!