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About Slot RTP Finder

Slot RTP Finder is a service to players, so you can identify the Return To Player (RTP) of your favourite games. We aim to cover RTP for all major software, slots and developers in a simple alphabetical games list under each provider. Then you’ll find good UKGC-licensed fast paying casinos which provide the developer’s games underneath!

What Is Slot RTP?

RTP (or TRTP = Theoretical RTP) is simply the amount a game would pay over the long term should you spend £1 OR $1 per spin and get every possible positional outcome on the reels once. The outcomes are decided on reel maps and of course there are millions of permutations divided by how many pay lines the game offers. So if we have an imaginary slot with 5 reels of 10 symbols and only one pay line there would be 10x10x10x10x10 = 100,000 outcomes. Many of these would pay nothing and the frequent symbols would pay very small pays and the rarer ones the best pays.

Making certain symbols very rare means the developer can increase variance (volatility) by awarding them high pays, and vice versa. Of course there are features which are mathematically designed to pay say, 25% of the game’s overall RTP. So on our Slot RTP Finder example above the pays would be computed, if you hit all 100,000 combinations with £100,000 of spins, to give you back a total for example of £96,500 therefore the game’s TRTP would be 96.5%. This is a simplified example, because of course there are features to consider both random and awarded with scatters, 2, 3, 4, or 5 reel wins, multiple pay lines and often multiways such as 243way slots. Then of course there are often 50+ symbols on each reel which can create tens of millions of possible results!

How Does The RTP Affect Me?

In the short to medium term (which is what most players will play any given slot for) the difference between a 95% or 97% slot would be hardly noticeable, if at all. That said, if you had a zero-volatility game that paid 96p for every £1 spin and another which paid 92p for every £1 spin, you’d only end up getting 57% of the spins and playtime on the 92% model as opposed to the 96% model for an equal starting balance of £100! Usually though it would be the variance that affected your balance and length of play time – it is this which will dramatically increase or decrease the balance most noticeably. Very few players play a slot long enough at any given casino to have enough spins to see themselves bang on the long term RTP.

Are There Any RTP Issues I Need To Be Aware Of?

In short, yes. Very much so. Firstly some developer offer different math models to casinos, RTG being the most obvious. They provide 91, 93, 95 and 97% models and trust me if you were playing the 97% model you’d never see those mad bonuses the RTG casinos offer! I have also seen different models provided for free chip enticements and real money at the same site.

Secondly, consider bonus math. A casino bases offers on being EV- (in other words say the games are mainly around 96% on average you lose 4p per £1 played) so the Wagering Requirement (WR) in money multiplied by the 0.04 you lose per Pound would result in you losing your balance and deposit before meeting the WR and cashing all or any of the bonus out. So the Expected Value (EV) is minus, i.e. you lose. To get around this, or hedge the bonus in your favour you might deliberately choose slots which are very volatile and pay huge wins x stake or those with a very high RTP and low volatility. These are nearly always excluded from bonus play for that reason, always check the bonus terms regarding game WR exclusions or contribution deductions to WR for certain slots! If the casino bases its EV- bonus offer on 96% and you find a 98% RTP game, effectively you halve your 0.04 loss per unit to 0.02 per unit and therefore double your chances of converting their bonus! And they ain’t there to give you free cash…..

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